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Sunday, 1 May 2011

African Cichlids - Some thing you may need to know before keeping them

I personally keep african cichlids, and they are an extremely hardy and beautiful group of creatures. You may or may not know that these Mbuna as they are also sometimes refered, extremely aggressive.
When you buy some for the first time, or any time it is much better to get a larger group of around 7-10 fish. If you get just a few then they will quickly seek out and claim territories and become even more aggressive towards any newer fish you purchase. By getting a large group you have given them all a "level playing field".
After that whenever new fish are introduced, you should rearrange the rockwork in your tank to once again eliminate territories, and aggression.
Please do not be put off if some of your fish die. african cichlids do frequently fight and the weakest may well  perish

First Post

My Name is Tyler Steele, i have have always had a keen interest in keeping aquatic creatures, and have a varied collection. These range from African Cichlids to tropical community fish.
I hope the blog is varied and interesting to all those who share my fascination.

Tyler Steele